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The story so far...

My name is Bethan and I am the one behind the cameras! I am a freelance photographer, specialising in family photography & I am based in Taunton, Somerset (UK) though I love to travel anywhere!

I am a primary school teacher of over 10 years, though my degree is in Psychology. I have been passionate about photography and working with cameras from a young age and one of my first jobs was in selling cameras, which is probably where I first started learning the technical side of things!


In 2019, I got back to learning, reading, experimenting and exploring and realised a few things - I love the time at sunset and immediately after, I love looking through a lens, I love creating something a little different through styling and location choices and I absolutely love getting creative with my edits.

I really wanted to create a small business that focused on capturing families and real moments, preferably out in our beautiful world. I wanted to build a wardrobe that would cost clients no extra, to help style, plan and deliver magazine worthy images. I wanted to make sessions affordable and reasonable so that everyone can have these opportunities to capture such special moments. 

So this is where I am now, constantly adding simple and retro styles to the client wardrobe, constantly scouting out new locations, constantly learning and experimenting so that I can provide the best service and constantly doing all I can to make the entire experience the best for my clients.

And I love every moment of this.

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