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Retro, simple, bohemian, vintage...

I love neutral colours and a more simple wardrobe.

If you are in to darker, earthy colours; bohemian vibes, retro style & not saying cheese -

then we are probably a good fit!

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Photography Style

During a shoot, I am committed to capturing natural and real moments and experiment with interesting angles, movement and little details - and prefer to do this almost always at sunset and immediately after!

My editing style is pretty retro, sometimes grainy and film like, often a little darker and warmer and every image is edited in it's own unique way.



I strongly encourage wearing only neutral and natural colours. I love classic and simple outfit items that have a bit of a bohemian or retro flare and I have worked hard to gather this in to a client loan wardrobe, full of earthy tones for many ages and sizes, which is fully inclusive of any photo session with me.

Find out more about how the client loan wardrobe works by checking out the styling & wardrobe section of my information guide!

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Details & Angles

I love playing with contrast during a shoot. Getting close enough to capture little details, while letting everything else fall out of focus. Tiny toes, holding hands, dresses dragging in the sea. 

My images are not the "usual", but they instead try to capture those moments, even the smallest ones, so that you feel them all over again every time you look back at your photos.

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